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"Eline coached me during a complicated period in my life. A year in which I went through major changes on almost every front. In the first conversation I have been talking non-stop. She gave me a number of insights such as: not filling in too much for others (and yourself), that everyone has their own process. But in particular, Eline gave me the insight that if a certain feeling comes up suddenly, I can allow the feeling to be there. That there is no point in pushing it away. She taught me to rely more on my intuition."



"I felt super safe, comfortable and at ease during the sessions. Eline knows how to create a relaxed atmosphere/setting where you feel safe to be allowed (and dare) to say anything. She has a good balance between the conversation and the exercises and can properly assess which exercise would or would not suit you. After each session, she gives tips to get started with your case, which I really like. I have experienced it as a super educational process and would absolutely recommend Eline to friends and family!"

linda doornweerd & gerrit menting

Trainers Intuitive Coaching - IMC Mensontwikkeling

"Eline knows how to keep intuitive insights she receives about the coachee to herself and only introduce this in open space and attuned to the coachee if it matches the path and pace of the coachee. Eline always states the objective and the possibilities in terms of approach and coaching method and presents alternatives to the coachee, so that the coachee remains responsible and actively determines how he/she wants to proceed. Eline knows how to let the coachee discover and embed their own solutions step by step through creative coaching methods.



"My experience is that a conversation with Eline is always valuable. She has the ability to ask me exactly the questions that are needed to gain new insights and help me further. She also knows how to find words for what I'm looking for. I can highly recommend a conversation with her." 



"I received very good and valuable coaching from Eline, in a way that matched exactly what I needed at that moment. Eline immediately managed to make a connection that felt genuine, making the sessions safe and providing deep insights about myself. The coaching feels very natural this way, and without realizing it I have undergone a major transformation in a number of sessions."



"I really liked the contact with Eline as a coach. She has a very open attitude, which made me dare to say everything to her. In my opinion, this is a very valuable quality for a coach. She also gave me the feeling that I was really  listened to, she never strayed and always asked substantive questions that elaborated on what I was saying. As a coach, she looks closely at the type of person she has in front of her and adapts her methods accordingly. She is also open about her methods. The coaching process has given me a more accepting attitude towards myself. It has also made me look at my problems and options in a more intuitive way. With this coaching process I have learned to appreciate again the importance of intuition and feeling in a decision."

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