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my Journey: finding my centre


Who are you? What do you stand for? Why do you do what you do? Questions that may be alive for you at the moment. Or questions that you may have answered many times in your life and to which your answer has become automatic. So automatic that you sometimes wonder whether the story you are telling actually still applies.


Very recognizable!


I myself became aware of this with a shock 10 years ago during an intensive training that I followed as part of my work at De Baak. Suddenly I realized that the life I had lived until then had been all about adapting to the world around me as best I could. I lived 'by the book' a very nice and social life with many friends, a nice house, various loves and a busy, commercial and ambitious job. But somewhere in the background something had started to feel off. And what that was became clear to me in that moment: I had completely lost connection with myself.


Who was I really if I let go of all the frameworks and concepts that I had come to relate to during my life and that I had accepted as 'true' without further ado? Frameworks that brought me overview and security, but also cut me off from my own wisdom.

This was the beginning of an inward journey. Or rather, the beginning of a burnout :). A burnout that caused a journey from head to heart, from willpower to listening to my body, from control to surrender, from accepting things as truth to experiencing life itself. A journey into my own inner truth and what I can contribute to the world from this truth and who I am by nature. In short, what I call: my Soul Truth Journey.

In the 10 years that followed I discovered a lot about the process of being myself and staying myself in connection with othersI found out that the real connection I was longing for was created by being & owning myself, rather than by automatically adapting myself. I learned that living from my uniqueness was not selfish (which I always thought!), but also a lot better for the world around me. In connection with myself my connection with the world became more powerful, More truthful & more loving.

The journey brought me into a deeper connection with myself and in that process in connection with my ability to make choices that genuinely suit me. It also taught me that 'who I am' is not static, but always in motion. And I learned to feel safe in this continuous movement of lifeThis journey has given me more inner peace, energy, joy, inspiration, confidence, satisfaction and a very deep love for life. 

A few examples of my own personal journey over the past 10 years:

- I traded my permanent job for a life as a freelancer / entrepreneur.

- I followed my heart and decided to (both personally & professionally) embark on a journey into the field of personal development & awareness, alongside my current professional direction in marketing. A series of education & training and a personal deep dive into being HUman followed, as well as my own coaching practice.

- I went on a journey & inner exploration around Being Adopted.

- I decided to organize my work as a digital nomad, so that I can also work from abroad and live partly in Asia.

- And the journey continues.. :)

The Soul Truth Journey is personal & unique for everyone.

I would be honored to guide you in yours.

Education & Courses
Coach, Therapist & FACILITATOR



OCT. 2023 – NOV. 2023





FEB. 2023 – MEI. 2023






MrT. 2021 – feb. 2022





MrT. 2018 – Jul. 2019









Jan. 2017 – Jan. 2018

Specialisation course: Intuitive Coaching with Voice Dialogue

IMC Mensontwikkeling, Bussum.

Specialisation course: Intuitive Coaching with regard to trauma

IMC Mensontwikkeling, Bussum.

Graduated & certified in May 2023.


Western Psychosocial Fundamentals

Con Amore, Amsterdam

Graduated & certified in February 2022 (cum laude).

Higher Professional Education: Energetic Therapist (2 year HBO), accredited by SNRO.

Sonnevelt Training, Zaltbommel

Graduated as an accredited Energetic Therapist in July 2019 (cum laude).

Higher Professional Education: Intuitive Coaching, accredited by NOBCO.

IMC Mensontwikkeling, Bussum.

Graduated as an accredited Intuitive Coach in January 2018.


Coaching Options

OKT. 2022 – DEC. 2022







feb. 2021 – feb. 2022






Mar. 2020 – apr. 2020






OKT. 2017 – NOV. 2018













feb. 2017 – sep. 2018







Family Constellation 1:1 work Facilitator Training

The Constellation’s Path, Institute for the Study of Systemic Constellations, Koh Phangan (Thailand)

Afgestudeerd & gecertificeerd in december 2020.

Orion Reiki (incl. Reiki I & II) & Chakra Balancing Facilitator Training & Initiation

Orion Healing Center, Koh Phangan (Thailand)

Afgestudeerd & gecertificeerd in februari 2021

Therapeutic Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator 

School of Inner Medicine, Koh Phangan (Thailand)

Afgestudeerd & gecertificeerd in augustus 2020.

Reiki I & Reiki II
Natures Grace Healing, Reiki Master Gamini Gunaratne, Sri Lanka

Afgestudeerd & gecertificeerd in oktober & november 2018.

Altazar Rossiter Self Empowerment & Energy Facilitator Course | Developing Spiritual Intelligence
Bridgeman / The Altazar Mystery School, Zwolle

Afgestudeerd & gecertificeerd (one-on-one Practioner Level in the Altazar Method - Partnering with Spiritual Intelligence) in september 2018

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