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Coaching options

The power of the individual:

individual coaching

In person and online coaching (via Zoom)

Do you not live in Amsterdam or the surrounding area (where I have my coaching practice) or do you want to save travel time? All coaching options below are available both in person and online (via Zoom).

*The amounts below are incl. 21% VAT for private individuals (without invoice) and excl.  21% VAT in case of business invoicing.

Introductory meeting

Curious after reading this website? Feel free to contact me to ask any further questions and/or to meet each other in a 15 minute appointment by phone or via Zoom. 

An introductory meeting takes about 15 minutes and is free of charge.

Here & Now Clarity session

Sometimes in life you can't see the forest for the trees. If this is happening it can be very deliberating to get clarity on your current situation again. This is exactly what the Here & Now Clarity session is intended for. At the end of the session you will have clarity about where you are now, which themes are currently alive and what you would like to research and achieve.The Here & Now Clarity-session can be both a one-time stand-alone session and the starting point for follow-up sessions.

A Here & Now Clarity session lasts 1.5 hours and costs €150*.

Into Intuition session

An Into Intuition session is always preceded by a Here & Now Clarity session and is intended to go into depth from the starting point that has become clear in the Here & Now Clarity session. Read here how I work during the Into Intuition sessions.

An Into Intuition session lasts 1.5 hours and costs €150*. 


Coaching Journeys

In addition to individual sessions, it is also possible to start a coaching journey, where you purchase a package with multiple sessions (4 or up) and receive a discount.

1x Here & Now Clarity session + 3x Into Intuition session = €575*

1x Here & Now Clarity session + 4x Into Intuition session = €700*

1x Here & Now Brightness session + 5x Into Intuition session = €825*

Strippenkaart - Heartspace Check-in

Sometimes something happens that temporarily throws you off balance and all you need is a space in which your emotions can flow freely, in which you are listened to, in which someone is there for you from neutrality and creates a heart space for you. The Heartspace Check-in Card, suited to choose the amount of time you need, is exactly for these moments. I always try to create space for you as soon as possible, but in any case within 24 hours. 

This card is valid for 6 slots of 15 minutes (a total of 90 minutes) that can be used by telephone or via Zoom and costs €150*.

The power of a group:

Group activities

Trauma Unpacked

- What happens in the human system with regard to trauma?

- How does this translate into triggers in daily life?

- Is it possible to shift & transform this and how do you do this?


In this online program we go on a journey of understanding, recognizing, acknowledging & transforming trauma. The word "trauma" can feel very charged, but it's such a human phenomenon! In this journey I will share & guide  you into the information, insights, mindset & tools that have helped me most on my own personal journey.

Start: February/March 2023
More information follows. Want to stay informed? Let me know!

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