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FREELANCE Marketing ProjecTLEADing & -Management

I have been working as a freelance marketer since January 2016.


Before that, I worked for more than 7 years in various commercial positions within Stage Entertainment Netherlands and Stage Entertainment International. Here I was responsible for the strategic marketing & sales plans of several major theatre productions, such as Mary Poppins en Hij Gelooft in Mij, and various commercial umbrella projects, such as corporate branding campaigns and the optimization of the Customer Journey of both theatre productions and theatres.


In the past 7 years as a freelancer I have gained extensive experience in the field of marketing project management in various directions, such as overarching project management in partnerships, development of strategic marketing & sales plans, development of campaigns (online & offline), (international ) roll-out management, initiating and executing joint promotions & partnerships and occupancy & revenue optimization (yield management).


As a freelancer marketing project manager I have (among other companies) worked for Stichting Theateralliantie, Bergman Clinics, Ematters, Opel Benelux, Royal Theater Carré, DeLaMar Theater, Het Spoorwegmuseum, Leen Menken Foodservice Logistics and Amstelring Wijkzorg.

Looking for a temporary Marketing Projectleader/-manager?

Feel free to contact  me to discuss a project you need help with or 
to schedule an introductory meeting.


Eline Ferwerda

+31 (0) 6 33046812

Photo credits:Emily B.

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